Our standard range of products include:

• Split and Packaged A/C (heat pump) equipment for Portable Accommodation/Office/Analyser Modules

• A standard range of Industrial A/C equipment for high ambient, hostile environments (AC/DC applications)

• A range of Pressurisation Fans “ATEX” certified for use in a Zone 1/Zone 2 environment

Thermoplant Products - Examples

Ventilation Fans

Thermoplant manufacture a range of single inlet single with centrifugal fans sets ATEX Certified.

Size range: HA200/HA225/HA250/HA280/HA315

Ventilation Fan
Shunt Valve Cabinets

Shunt Valve Cabinets 

For modulating flow of chilled water to AHUs/FCUsto maintain supply air temperatures

(suitable for installing in a hazardous area)

Chilled Water Fan Coil Units 

Custom built fan coil units supplied for install within LIR/LER modules

Chilled Water Fan Coil Units
Air Cool Condenser

Air Cool Condensers

For install in high-ambient conditions (+45°C)

Sea Water Cooled Chillers 

Chilled water skid custom built for install within HVAC plant room     (for high-ambient operation)

Sea Water Cooled Chiller
Packaged Chilled Water Cooling Unit

Packaged Chilled Water Cooling Units

Packaged HVAC chiller for single lift install

HVAC System Power / Control Cabinet

HVAC system control cabinet for lead/lag/stand-by chiller package

HVAC System Power / Control Cabinet
Power / Control Cabinets

Power / Control Cabinets

Typical power/control cabinet for LIR/DCC HVAC system

Chilled Water AHU

LIR/DCC Air handling units for conditioning fresh air

Chilled Water AHU
Sea/Fresh Water Cooled Chiller

Sea/Fresh Water Cooled Chillers

Example of packaged chilled water-cooling unit utilising sea water/fresh water for removing heat generated by the refrigeration system